The human family has come a long, long way over several million years..

The human family has come a long, long way over several million years. It is our belief that even before recorded history there were individuals born from time to time who could see and understand what they truly were; they knew that they could “see” and “understand” things other individuals could not; they knew that they could “see” beyond the body that seemed to tie them to the earth; and they knew that they could change their environment simply by “thinking” about it and reaching a conclusion.
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Love and the Family of Man - A Spiritual Theme in Human Evolution

It is interesting to read the history of earliest man on this planet we call Earth.  Descriptions vary, but the underlying theme (and the general belief as well) seems to be that because of the small brain, as evidenced by skeletal remains, these earliest beings probably were not capable of higher thought or feeling; that their entire life probably consisted of three basic activities:  rummaging to find something to eat, or running as fast as possible to prevent being eaten, or copulating within the same species indiscriminately.

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Most “thinking” individuals on this Earth plane realize that thinking causes.  Some believe it causes “something.”  Others believe it causes “a lot.”   Nevertheless, there are also individuals who have not even a vague idea that thinking causes anything whatsoever.  But, even so, it actually doesn’t cause much unless there is also feeling attached.  If feeling is attached to the thinking, it causes all sorts of things.

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“Do I have a soul? What is my mind? What am I?”

As I wander daily through the  internet world of gurus, spiritists, spiritualists, online masters, new thought advocates, witches and  warlocks, so-called quantum physicists hawking their wares they  copied straight out of William Walker Atkinson’s works , theosophists, scientologists, creationists, and a hundred and one other hits or near  misses in mankind’s search for an answer to the questions:  “Do I have a soul?  What is my mind?  What am I?” I never imagined  I’d find an answer to these questions that satisfied me; but I have.

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Nearly every soul, who has reached even a modicum of a state of understanding, has learned that in order to get in touch with whatever it is that they are trying to get in touch with -- they must do whatever it takes to quiet their own feeble mind that is filled with the surface thoughts of every day: the going and coming mind filled with goings and comings; the busy mind filled with busyness,  the fearful mind; the selfish mind; the I-am-a-separate-mind Mind.

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Infinite Thought


Understanding The Ever Expanding Universe Of Thought

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Understanding The Great Minds Of The Past

Thomas Troward  Collier  WILLIAM-WALKER-ATKINSON
Emerson  Hopkins  Napoleon-Hill

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Wonderful Thoughts

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